Hello, my name is Christin Balzer and I founded Haven Studios located in El Dorado Hills, CA. I was born and raised in Germany and studied Architecture and Structural Engineering at universities in Germany, Scotland, and the States. I worked as a designer in the Bay Area until I relocated to El Dorado Hills.  What I love most about the profession of interior design is that every client and every project is very different and requires a unique set of solutions in terms of space planning and aesthetics. Developing a design solution that will reflect my client's personality is the greatest accomplishment, and I am very blessed to share my passion for design with my clients on an everyday basis. When not designing, I like to spend my spare time with my husband, our daughter and our dog; do yoga; or hike and travel for inspiration.


We also operate as a purchasing agent, supporting other interior designers with their purchases. We’re in the process of creating a showroom to grow and offer custom furniture to the trade as well as broaden our brand offerings. For more information, please contact us at

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