Design Trends 2017

The last year has been a whirl-wind of designing projects in El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, and beyond. It has also been a great source for finding inspiration and studying emerging design trends.  Some of the below mentioned are of course my personal favorites as they have evolved in my designs over the last year(s) but it's nevertheless a reflection of current design. Every project has an influence on me and allows me to grow; and I am always looking to draw inspiration from other areas in the US and worldwide. 

Lets just dive right in and start with some design developments emerging ...


Curated & Sophisticated

Curated interiors that are layered with antiques as well as modern furniture pieces. Design by Betsy Brown.


White Lighting Fixtures

Modern and traditional interpretations can be seen created by more and more manufacturers.




RHmodern_designtrends2017_platform bed.jpg

Modern Natural

More and more modern interiors are coming. I like to juxtapose modern clean lines with lots of textures and natural materials to get just the right balance between modernism and comfort. Picture from Restoration Hardware

Moody colors_havenstudios_designtrends2017.png

Moody Colors

Anybody who knows me, also knows that I  am drawn to bright and airy interiors. Sometimes though, a room demands that sheltered feeling of deep colors.


Floor pattern

Designers and home owners are playing more with different floor pattern. This is one of my recent favorites by Alice Lane: three colors of natural marble - bold and classic at the same time and it will make any entry a stunning conversation piece.. More common floor patterns include herringbone, chevron, etc.

Cerused Oak_havenstudios_designtrends2017-01-01.png

Cerused Oak

Here are some of my most favorite pieces this year in cerused black oak. It doesn't have to black though; there are many other shades available as well depending on the manufacturer.

WendyWordDesign_green bathroom_shiplap.png

Emerald Green

Unexpected in a bathroom designed by Wendy Word Design. A floating vanity with a thickly skirted countertop (another big recent trend in bathrooms) and green mosaic tile. Lighting by Waterworks - love them!


BLUSH, Tissue Pink

Call it what you will but this color is on the rise! I've seen it emerge over the last year and it has been in almost every showroom this fall. I especially love it in a bedroom or reading nook. Design by Heather Hilliard Design